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No Poverty Now! International LOCA Initiative
( International Limitation of Capital Accumulation Initiative)
Eradicating poverty through grass roots democratic action, limiting extreme wealth accumulation worldwide.

Invitation to join the Co-ordinating Group
for platform discussions, organizing, execution of a
world wide citizens' initiative and Petition Launch


Dear friends,

After 35 years of ecological and economical movement action, little has changed. The basic problems are still with us. Despite moments of hope, like the recent position on climate change issued by the pope, the rape of nature and the growth of unequal economic systems have worsened. TTIP and similar back-room deals are promising much more of the same, and much worse! The latest G7 conference brings us lip service again, and shows that there is no timely action to expect from our leaders. The subsistence of billions of human beings as well as peace and climate healing, are targets pushed aside by record numbers of wars and ongoing brutal resource exploitation. 3,5 billion people live on less than 2 dollars a day. 60 million citizens are refugees today. Government propaganda and irresponsible, multinational media conglomerates are preventing clarity of vision for most of us.

Still, we never give up hope! Compassionate love trumps politics.
Hunger and human suffering are concerns for all ethical world citizens.
If action does not come from the top, we must start it from the bottom.

To curb the ever spiraling wealth accumulation at the top few percent of the world population, and the fast growing poverty of the poorest and the rest of people all over on the earth, we are proposing an international democratic action to limit extreme capital accumulation worldwide, beginning with an international collecting of signatures towards petitions in every country.

We demand the following:
                            1) Immediate eradication of hunger and poverty through limitation of capital accumulation, and wealth redistribution.

                            2) Rescue of the ecological bases for survival of human kind.

To achieve these targets we suggest these main action points:

  •     Adoption of a minimum subsistence rule, with parallel limitation of extreme capital accumulation resulting to a re-distribution of capital-flow.
  •     Sustainable investment, instead of maximum profit regimen.
  •     Transparent direct democracy.

Changes in world political attention over the last 35 years have made it possible to positively re-think the grass roots effort.
From energy resourcing and food politics to climate change and the communication potential of the internet, there are new signs of positive, international community action.

Grass roots citizens as drivers of political action are one big hope for change of the currently ruling elite system:
the lobby-dictated profit-politics  - a direct undermining of a democratic society cited on freedom and human rights.

The international nature of the elite lobbies means that this project requires groups in many countries, and therefore a combining of many talents and resources, but: „ We are the 99%!“, the slogan from not long ago, still holds true. We are the power, if we take action together!

Let us take the first step of the journey together, towards true democracy and a healthy earth, re-establishing the basic food security, human rights and peace conditions worldwide, which are the required and achievable basis for the continued existence of the human race. Dr. Martin Luther King said it already: „Peace is not just the absence of war, but the presence of justice!“

We petition for economic justice.

Dear friends, for a world of justice and peace...please, join in this effort to re-balance our earth, and to provide continued healthy life conditions for our children and children's children.

With warm regards, and fighting spirit ;)